Heavy traffic accident resulting (resulted) in the territory of the Absheron region on the 01 of the February, 2012 with death of the 3 persons has happened (the) region (district).

01 “February” 2012-nd

On the 01 of the February, 2012 16:Baku townsman, the 1976th year has collided with birth Abdullayev 90-JN-370 with "Kamaz" controlled (ruled) son (a) stamp state registration Ismailly city inhabitant, the 1976th year birth Behbudov Rəşad 39-BA-880 with "VAZ-2106" controlled (ruled) Xəlil son (a) stamp state registration car of betrothed vehicle of the Bakı-Şamaxı-Yevlax way (road, path) taste about 00 in the day-time with/by betrothed lorry in the 28th km. Driver R in the catastrophe in the result of. Behbudov and passengers, the 1975th year have died birth Tovuz inhabitant of region (district) Məmmədov Rasim Əmir son and the 1992th year birth Ismailly inhabitant of region (district) Mürsəlova Uzunca Əkrəm girl (daughter) in the event place.
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