Fatal road traffic accident occurred in the territory of Garadagh district resulted in the death of 2 people and injury of 2 people on May 2, 2012

02 “May” 2012-nd

Mercedes-Benz, 99-BJ -046 state registered car, driven in the direction of Baku city by Mammadov Ramil Maharram, resident of Jalilabad region, losing the management, overturned the car in the right part of the road in the 51st km of Baku-Kazakh-Georgian border road crossing from the territory of the Gradagh district on May 2, 2012 at 12:00 a.m. Passengers who were in automobile during the accident, residents of Jalilabad region, Shukurlu Gular Elshad born in 1990, Mammadli Rugiyya Ramil born in 2012, Babayeva Khayala Maharram born in 1979, Babayeva Parvin Tofig born in 2001 getting injured, Babayeva Khayala Maharram died just there, and Mammadli Rugiyye Ramil died in Clinical Medical Center in Baku city though they visited to the First Aid station situated in Sahil settlement of Garadagh district.

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