There were fatal road traffic accidents resulting in the death of three people, injury of 3 people on May 31, 2012 in the territory of the Yevlakh region and in the territory of Guba region resulting in the death 2 people and injury of 6 people.

31 “May” 2012-nd

“VAZ-2107” car with the state registration mark 66-BG-874 driven by  Abdullayev Emil Bakhtiyar  collided with  “VAZ-2106”  car with the state registration mark 10-EV-709 driven by Taghiyev Natig Intigam,  Yevlakh city residents, May 31,  2012 at 5.30 p.m.  in the 1th km of Khaldan –Mingachevir higway.
As a result of the accident, both of the drivers and the passenger, the resident of Shaki region Mahmudzadeh Sahil Agil who was in the car of N. Taghiyev born on 2000 died just at the place of accident, and Yevlakh city resident Garayev Ramil   Allahverdi born in 1980, as well as, other passengers, the  resident of  Khaldan settlement Jafarov Samir Nariman born in 1990 and Isayev Yaver Yagub born on 1991 who were in the car of E. Abdullayev were taken to hospital with injuries.

Other road traffic accident happened at 7 p.m. in the 3rd km of Guba – Tulataran highway. “VAZ-2106” car with the state registration mark 10-GL-660 driven by Abbasov Idris Hafiz, the resident of Guba region, born in 1982 collided with “VAZ-2106” car with the state registration mark 10-FO-420 driven by Babyev Nemat Adil, the resident of Khachmaz region born in 1987.

 As a result of the accident, the passenger in   I. Abbassov’s car, Gayibov Eldaniz Khalig born on 1976, the resident of Guba region and the passenger in   N. Babayev’s car Shikhmammadov Tapdig Dostahmad born in 1984 died just in  the accident place because of injuries,  both drivers and other passengers of I. Abbasov, Guba region residents,  Fataliyev Elshan Vahid born in1980 and Shahbalayev Eyvaz Shabaddin born in 1984 and Alimuradov Shaig Namiz born in 1981, as well as, Shikhmammadov Elchin Dostahmad , the passenger of  N. Babayev were taken to hospital with injuries.

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