A fatal traffic accident resulting in death of 3persons and injury of 1 person happened in the territory of Garadagh district on June 21, 2012.

21 “June” 2012-nd

“Opel Vektra” branded car with 10-SG -423 state registration mark driven by  Sumgait city  resident Tahirov Madat Ahad  born in 1965, on 58th  km of Baku-Kazakh-Georgian border road  passing through Garadagh district while being in the direction of Baku  collided with the rear part of    “VAZ-21011”  branded car  with 30-BF-456 state registration mark driven by a  Imishli region resident Alishov Ruhid Vagif  born in 1983 on June 21, 2012at about 15:10, as a result of damage driver of the “VAZ-21011” branded car lost control and collided with the part  of “Kamaz 55111”  branded  truck with  18-BE-320  state registration mark driven by Sabirabad region resident Gardashkhanov Samid Gulagha born in 1968 that was standing on the right side of the road.  
 As a result of the accident, driver of “VAZ-21011” branded car R.Alishov,  passengers in automobile, Bilasuvar region residents Aliyev Azad Arif born in 1976 and Mirzayev Faig Sadulla born in 1971 died in the  place of accident  and the other passenger   Imishli region resident Mamiyev Sarvin Khamiz born in 1986 was  injured and taken to Clinical Medical Center.   
Investigations related to the facts are being carried out.
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