A fatal traffic accident resulting in death of 4persons and injury of 2 persons happened in the territory of Salyan region on June 25, 2012.

25 “June” 2012-nd

 “Tavriya Slavuta” branded car with  44-BO-263  state registration mark driven by Masallı region   resident Valiyev Rovshan Zabulla born in 1976, on 33th   km of Alat-Astara-İran border road  passing through Salyan  region  when moving in the direction of Astara   moving out the strip   collided with  “Mercedes”   branded truck   with  İR 23267   state registration mark that was moving in the opposite direction driven by  the citizen the Islamic Republic of Iran,  Hafiz Mahammadali Zabiallah  born in   1952 on June 25, 2012 at about 00:30.  
As a result of the accident, driver of “Tavriya Slavuta” branded car R.Valiyev and   passengers in that automobile, Masalli region  residents Gasımov Aghalar Habil born in 1976, Babayeva Tunzala Aghalar born in  1994 and 1 month 15-day juvenile Babayeva Aysu Aghali  died in the  place of accident  and other passengers,    Babayev Aghali Gulamali  born in  1990 and  Gasimova Ruhiyya  Jahangir born in 1976   was  injured and taken to central regional hospital of Salyan.
 Investigations related to the facts are being carried out.
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