Informations 12 “November” 2018-th

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops congratulated the soldiers on the occasion of the military oath

A fatal traffic accident resulting in death of 5 persons and injury of 1 person happened in the territory Gobustan region on June 27, 2012.

27 “June” 2012-nd

“Howo” branded truck with H 020748 state registration mark driven by Baku city    resident  Dadashov Tariel Musakhan born in 1973, on 106th  km of Baku-Shamakhı-Yevlakh highway passing through Gobustan  region  when was moving in the direction of Shamakhi collided against with  “VAZ-2106” branded car   with  23 BF 484 state registration mark driven Goychay region resident,  Abdullayev Nadir Sadir   born in   1961  on June 27, 2012 at about 10:00 and then “Howo” branded truck overturned.   
As a result of the accident, driver of “VAZ-2106” branded car  N.Abdullayev  and   passengers in that automobile Goychay  region  residents Abdullayeva Ganira Aslan born in 1962, Abdullayev Rafiz Nadir born in  1990, Aslanova Sakina Malik  born in 1936 and Aslanova Khoshgul Ali  born in 1966 died in the  place of accident  and other passengers,  the driver of “Howo” branded T. Dadashov  was  injured and appealed  to the Institute of Traumatology of Baku city.
 Investigations related to the facts are being carried out.
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