A fatal road-traffic accident resulting in death of two persons, injury of 1 person happened in the territory of Garadagh district on September 04, 2012.

04 “September” 2012-nd

“Daewoo” branded automobile, with state registration plate 10-TF-541driven by the Baku residents Ahmadov Vusal Huseyn born in 1983, in Sahil settlement of Garadagh district collided with the automobile of “Hunday” brand with state registration plate 90-DN-045 driven by Abbasov Gasid Ziyad born in 1957 on September 04, 2012 at about 18:30.
As a result of the accident, the driver of “Hunday” branded automobile died at the place of accident, though the injured passengers in the automobile Agayev Ilham Barat and Abbasova Gulnara Gulali born in 1960 were taken to hospital, it was not possible to save the life of I.Agayev.
      The facts are being investigated.
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