“Traffic safety week” under the condition of “Pedestrians, be careful!” will be held during November 19- 25 in the territory of the Republic.

15 “November” 2012-nd

Due to the rapid increasing of the vehicles led to the intensity of movement in the Republic, there is a need to undertake additional measures to prevent the road-traffic accidents that may occur, in particular in the field of life and health security of pedestrians related to their road movement.  According to statistics, the recorded accidents related to hitting of pedestrians within 10 months of the current year are 35% of the accidents in the country and 49% on Baku city. Analyses show that, in most cases of such incidents the pedestrians have also some guilt as well as drivers. Therefore, in order to prevent the accidents resulting in hitting of pedestrians, to strengthen discipline among pedestrians, traffic safety week will be held under the   condition of “Pedestrians, be careful!”  from November 19-25  in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Within a week it was considered to take concrete preventive measures investigating the reasons of road-traffic accidents resulting in hitting of pedestrians, to conduct regular raids for the prevention of the violation of traffic rules by pedestrians and to strengthen the propaganda for MM in this direction, to hold educational meetings in educational institutions and labor collectives.  
      For this regard, the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan calls all the traffic participants, particularly, the pedestrians for the model behavior during the week.    

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