Fatal road-traffic accident happened in the territory of Agjabadi region resulting in death of two persons, injury of two persons on November 14, 2012.

14 “November” 2012-nd

“Vaz-21015” branded automobile with state registration plate 90-NM-389 driven by a village resident Muradov Sahib Ingilab born in 1987, on the 7-th km of Agjabadi-Agdam, in the territory of Hajibadalli village, hit a roadside tree on November 14,2012 at about 01:00.  
As a result of the accident, the passengers in the automobile,  the residents of Hajibadalli city Gasimov Arif Jumshud born in 1984 and Maharramzada Elvin Akbar born in 1988 died at the place of accident, the driver and other passenger Murtuzov Huseyn Nuraddin born in 1985 were taken to hospital with injury.

The facts are being investigated.

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