Fatal road-traffic accident happened in Gakh region resulting in death of three persons, injury of three persons on November 24, 2012.

24 “November” 2012-nd

“Mercedes-Benz” branded automobile with state registration plate 90-DT-384 24 driven by the resident of  Shirvan region Nazarov Asif Zakir born in 1992 turned over the  Suskand bridge.
As a result of the accident  the passengers in the automobile Gakh region residents Abbasov Novruz Isa born in 1985, Sabirabad region resident Akbarov Hikmat Gismat born in 1979, Shirvan region resident Gasimov Nazim Nizami born in 1983 died at the place of accident from injuries, driver of the automobile A.Nazarov  and the other passengers Shirvan region resident Zeynalov Ilham Allahverdi born in 1990,Gax region resident Bayramov Parvin Khalis born in 1989 were taken to the Gakh Central Regional Hospital  with injuries.
The facts are being investigated.

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