A fatal traffic accident happened in Shamkir region resulting in death of 3 persons and injury of 1 person, on December 16, 2012.

16 “December” 2012-nd

An automobile of “VAZ-2107” make with 20-CS-016 registration plate driven by Mukhtarov Ilham Latif born in 1961- a resident of Tovuz region collided with the automobile of “KIA-OPTIMA” make with registration plate 20-DB-621 driven by Mustafayev Orkhan Jamaladdin born in 1984- a resident of Ganja city in the 389th km of Baku-Gazakh-Georgia border highway passing through the area of Shamkir region, at about 19:30 o’clock on December 16, 2012.   
As a result of the accident, the driver of “VAZ-2107” I.Mukhtarov and passengers, Tovuz region residents - Mushrafanova Rima Vilayat born in 1959, Mukhtarova Asya Khalid born in 2010 died at the place of accident. Mukhtarov Tunar Khalid born in 2007 became injured and was taken to the Central Hospital of Shamkir.
The facts are being investigated.

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