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About the measures taken in the field of the provision of traffic safety during 2012

21 “January” 2013-rd

A number of organizational and preventive measures have been implemented by Main STP Department of MIA and its local sections in the field of the provision of traffic safety, maintaining public order and strengthening the service discipline in the republic during 2012 guided by Board Decisions, requirements of order and instructions, as well as, work plans of MIA of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
During 2011, works done in the field of provision of traffic safety and the accidental status in the republic and different regions summarized and analyzed as   a complex, and its results were broadly discussed in the operative meeting held under the chairmanship of Minister of Internal Affairs, General -Colonel Mr. R. Usubov with the Senior Board of area and regular parts of STP, and the reports of the  heads of units of STP in which  the status of the works done in the field of the provision of the traffic safety are unsatisfactory  have been listened.
Additional action plan has been developed and directed for the implementation     by identifying appropriate measures in order to prevent traffic accidents, organization of the fight against serious violations of the rules, improvement of moral and psychological environment between personal staff, strengthening discipline, improvement of activity from the point of view of modern requirements guided by instructions and recommendations of Mr. R. Usubov in the nature of program.  
 During the report period, large-scale preventive measures have been implemented in the capital city and its surroundings for the purpose of prevention of road accidents. Status of implementation of information on the traffic road rules against administrative violations recorded by surveillance cameras and radars, bringing the   persons who have committed the relevant administrative errors to justice by promptly identifying them with the continuation of the works done in the field of the identified duties and the application of the measures set out in the legislation in order to ensure the proceedings in full force in places remained in  the center of attention.
 During 2012, officers of STP found 1.021.122 facts TR violations, as well as, 17912 facts on the driving of vehicles by drunk drivers, 133197 facts on the exceeding of the determined speed limit, 23101 facts on the violation of the passage rules, 29466 facts on the violation of the rules on crossing the road-separators,   5014 facts on the rules of passenger transportation in the process of traffic control. The rights of 1954 drivers have been restricted for different terms due to the TR violations.
In spite of the measures taken in the field of the prevention of traffic road accidents, in comparisons with the relevant period of the last year, an increase in the number of road-traffic accidents took place in the territory of the republic, and in the  number of people who died as a result of these accidents   was recorded.
 So that, 2892 TRA were recorded in the territory of the republic during 2012, as a result, 1168 people died, 2997 people were injured. In comparisons with  last year , number of TRA  increased 2 cases (0.1%) and the number of died persons increased as 152 people (15%), and the number of injured people were decreased as 34 persons (1.1%). 390 TRA were recorded at service territory of MIA MSTPD RPSR, as a result 347 people died, 249 people were injured. In comparisons with 2011, the number of TRA and people died as a result of them increased accordingly 28 (7.7%) and 85 people (32.4%), and the number of injured people decreased as 49 people (16, 4%).
 1068 TRA were recorded in the territory of Baku city and as a result, 330 people died, 1126 people injured. In comparisons with the previous year, the number of TRA and people died as a result of them decreased accordingly 34 (3, 1%), and 4 persons (1,2%) and the number of injured people increased as  18 people  (1,6%).
 86, 3% (2496) of TRA recorded on the republic is related to the violation of the rules by drivers, as well as, 30,2 % (874) of  traffic road accidents related to the driving vehicles with high speed,
86.3 % (2496) traffic accidents recorded in the Republic was caused by violation of rules by drivers, 30.2% (874) by driving in a high speed, 26.1% (757) by overrunning and entering the path of coming vehicle, 8.3% (242) by violating the rules of crossing the crossroads, and 3.3% (96) by drunk driving. 36.8 % (1065) of traffic accidents falls on hitting pedestrians, which resulted in death of 393 and injury of 749. 269 accidents happened due to breaching traffic rules. Traffic accidents recorded in the republic resulted in death of 79 children and teenagers, and injury of 235 people. 935 out of 1168 persons died in traffic accidents were men, 233 - women, and 2281 out of 2997 injured persons were men, 716 - women.  
108 traffic accidents having led to death of 21 persons and injury of 89 persons in 2012 remained unrevealed.
In 2012, officers of the main department registered, re-registered and deregistered vehicles owned by legal and natural persons, received citizens, representatives of offices, establishments and organizations in respect to driving license issue, 102.638 automobiles were preregistered, and 79041 primary driving licenses were issued.
In 2012, “Signal” ILII installed 34 new traffic lights and restored 93. 5615 traffic signs were set or substituted for new ones, streets and roads were marked (2.352.150 pm).
Referring to the objectives arising from the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 1994 “On actions for enhancement of fight against criminality, strengthening rule of law”, STP officers found 8 submachine guns, 4 chargers, 776 fighting cartridges of various calibre, 10 rifles (3 TOZ-8), 5 pistols (4 is handicraft), 1 hand grenades and 1 tank ball and delivered them to investigating authorities during the reporting period.
Narcotics over 14 kg (at the same time 12 kg hashish, 237.2 g marijuana, 2.46 kg heroin, 31.279 g opium) was found according to 23 facts together with other activities by police during this period.
In 2012, MSTPD was reported about hijacking of 277 vehicles, 115 of which were found. 16 automobiles and 25 persons in search were detained while registering motor vehicles in MSTPD Registration-Exam departments, 207 facts on unconformity of aggregate number to registration documents and 58 facts on forged documents were revealed and the materials were sent to investigating authorities for investigation.
MIA MSTP Department, referring to MIA board resolutions, orders and instructions, continues its actions on ensuring traffic safety and preserving law and order.

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