A fatal traffic accident resulting in death of 4 persons, injury of 1 person happened in Ujar region, and in death of 2 persons in Beylagan region on February 17, 2013.

17 “February” 2013-rd

On February 17, 2013, the automobile of ”Nissan-Teana” make with 99-DS-680  registration plate driven, in the direction of Baku, by Mammadov Elchin Hasankhan born in 1992 - a resident of Goygol collided with a truck of “Shacman” with 90-RZ-871 registration plate driven in opposite direction by Ibrahimov Rahim Muslum born in 1985 –  a resident of  Dashkesen region, while  overruning, then crashed into the automobile  of  “VAZ 21099” make with 09-BH-616  registration plate driven by Nurushov Asif Surkhay born in 1961 –a resident of  Barda region on the 254th km of Baku-Gazakh-Georgia border highway passing through the area of Ujar. After few minutes  “VAZ 2106” with 61-BA-459 registration plate driven in the direction of Baku  by Abdullayev Elman Humbat born in 1962 –a resident of  Ujar collided with the wrecked truck, at about 07:15 o’clock.
As a result of the accident, the driver of “Nissan-Teana” and passengers in the car,  Ganja region residents Mammadov Hasankhan Pasha born in 1966, Mammadova Aygun Jahangir born in 1968, Verdiyev Khayal born in 1994- resident of Goygol died at the place of  the accident, the driver of  “Vaz-2106”  was injured and taken to Central Hospital of  Ujar.
Also, the automobile of “VAZ-2106” with 10-LT-016   registration plate driven by Sadigov Ruslan Abutalib born in 1986 – a resident of   Beylagan region collided with  the automobile of “ Mercedes –Benz” make with 99-BX-045 registration plate driven by Javadli Orkhan Raub born in 1986 –a resident of  Beylagan  region on the 19th  km of  Dashburun –Yukhari Karabagh channel  highway passing through the area  of  Beylagan on the same day, at  about 23:00.
As a result of  the accident the passengers of  “VAZ 2106 “ Ismayilli Mirbashir Vugar  born in 1993- a resident  of  Lankaran  died at the place of  the accident, the other passenger Ismayilov Fuad Rizvan  died at the hospital where he  had been taken.  
The facts are being investigated.
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