A fatal traffic accident resulting in death of 2 persons happened on March 14, 2013.

14 “March” 2013-rd

On March 14, 2013, the automobile of “VAZ -2104” make with 10-MJ-910 registration plate driven by Abbasov Aykhan Elkhan born in 1996 – a resident of Shamkir region collided with the bus of “IKARUS” make with 10- HM- 074 registration plate driven by Safarov Gadir Rahim born in 1982, on the 2nd km of Kura- Shamkir highway, at about 20:30 o’clock.

As a result of the accident the driver of “VAZ-21074” died at the place of the accident, the passenger Jafarov Samir Elkhan born in 1996 died at the Central Hospital of Shamkir.

The facts are being investigated.
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