On 19 March 2013, a fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Sumgayit resulted in death of 3 persons and injury of 2 persons

19 “March” 2013-rd

Automobile of “Qaz-3110” make with 50-BZ-193 registration plate driven by Sumgayit resident Atakhanzade Movsum Nasir born in 1987 collided with automobile of “Tayota Rav-4” make with 10-VN-702 registration plate driven by Sarayev Vitaly Grigoryevich born in 1961, on the 37th km of Baku-Guba highway passing through the territory of Sumgayit, at about 00:54 o’clock on 19 March 2013.
The accident resulted in death of passengers of “Qaz-3110” - Baku resident Aliyev Shukur Beyler born in 1951, Khizi region resident Guliyev Javid Saleh born in 1990 and an unidentified 40-45-year old man at the place of accident. Drivers of both automobiles were injured and taken to First Aid Hospital of Sumgayit.
The facts are being investigated.

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