Informations 04 “April” 2018-th

To the attention of the vehicle holders and drivers travelling to the Republic of Georgia

Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic is informing the traffic participators that in order to enhance the efficiency of prophylactic actions for preventing fatal traffic accidents on highways of the republic, ensure active participation of traffic participators of all categories and concerned authorities in providing safety on ways, the month of traffic safety will be held under "We should be unanimous to avoid danger on roads!" from April 1 to 30 of the current year.

29 “March” 2013-rd

Main State Traffic Police Department calls all traffic participators to strictly follow the rules of road traffic, and the management of authorities, establishments, heads of organizations and mass media to assist in holding the safety month at high level, and recommends the drivers of vehicles on highways of the republic to use dimmed lights in the daytime to draw the attention of the population to the event and as a symbol of solidarity of traffic participators. "We should be unanimous to avoid danger on roads!"

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