Fatal traffic accident resulted in death of 2 persons happened in Sumgayit city on April 5, 2013.

05 “April” 2013-rd

Road crossing pedestrians, the citizens of Sumgayit city Gaflanov Jabir Balamirza born in 1954 and Gaflanova Ayan Jabir born in 2009 were hit by “Mazda-6” with state registration plate  10-XL-025 driven by  the citizen of Sumgayit city Nuriyev Ulvan Aghasef, in the territory of  H.Zeynalabdin settlement of Sumgayit city, at about   23:00  on April 5, 2013.
As a result of the accident  both pedestrians died  at the place of accident.
The facts are being investigated.

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