On 5 May 2013, a fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Yevlakh resulted in death of 2 persons.

05 “May” 2013-rd

Automobile of “HOWO” make with 90-ML-248 registration plate driven by Ibrahimov Yagub Ismayil born in 1962 – a resident of Yevlakh collide with automobile of “VAZ-21015” make with 90-NK-615 registration plate driven by Mammadov Fakhri Ilyas born in 1987 – a resident of Yevlakh while automobile of “Donq-fenq” make with 99-DT-383 registration plate driven by Ibrahimov Rahim Karim born in 1955 – a resident of Ujar was towing and passing the road on the Baku-Gazakh-Georgia border highway at about 23:50 o’clock on 5 May 2013.
The accident resulted in death of the driver of “VAZ-21015” and its passenger Nasirov Ulfat Nasib born in 1984 – a resident of Yevlakh at the place of accident.
The facts are being investigated.

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