On 18 May 2013, a fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Shamkir resulted in death of 4 persons and injury of 4 persons.

18 “May” 2013-rd

Automobile of “VAZ-2101” make with 60-BC-364 registration plate driven by Musayev Arzu BabaMurad born in 1986 – a resident of Gadabay region collided with automobile of “VAZ-21074” make with 21-BD-782 registration plate driven by Guliyev Elshin Afat born in 1983 – a resident of Gadabay in the territory of Chanlibel village of Shamkir region at about 17:30 o’clock on 18 May 2013.
The accident resulted in death of the passengers of “VAZ-21074” Gadabay residents – Aliyev Tofig Abbas born in 1979, Alasgarov Rasim Isa born in 1976, Mehdiyev Khalig Khalil born in 1980 and the passenger of “VAZ-2101” Huseynova Gulnara Gasham – a resident of Shamkir born in 1966 at the place of accident, bothr drivers and the passengers of “VAZ-2101” Ismayilov Mubariz Allahverdi born in 1988 – a resident of Shamkir and Orujov Imran Islam born in 1970 – a resident of Gadabay were injured and taken to Shamkir Central Regional Hospital.
The facts are being investigated.

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