A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Goychay resulted in death of 2 persons and injury of 1 person on July 01, 2013.

01 “July” 2013-rd

Automobile of  “Hyundai Santa Fe”  make with 99-EX-611 registration plate driven by Garibov Rakif Galib born in 1992 a resident of Goychay region got out of the way and crashed into the stone fence on the left side on the 227th km of Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh passing through the territory of Goychay at about 11:15 o’clock on July 01, 2013. 
The accident resulted in death of the passenger in the car Ahmadov Bahram Mubariz born in 1992 – a resident of Goychay region at the place of accident, and the driver of the car in the hospital, the other passenger in the car Aliyev Elman Mubariz born in 1991 was injured and taken to Goychay Central Regional Hospital.
The fact is being investigated.

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