On 14 August 2013, a fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Ismayilli region resulted in the death of 2 persons and injury of 1 person.

14 “August” 2013-rd

Karimov Gabil Tabriz born in 1974 – a resident of Ismayilli region struck the road crossing pedestrians Umudov Murad Alibala born in 1992 –a resident of Ismayilli region and Skokov Nikolay Nikolayevich born in 1980 and Hasanov Vasif Vagif born in 1982 a resident of Ganja city with the automobile of“VAZ-2107” make with 10-BZ-855 registration plate on Ismayilli-Ivanovka highway at about 22:00 on 14 August 2013.
The accident resulted in death of pedestrians N. Skokov and M. Umudov on 15 August 2013 who were placed in the Central City Hospital of Ismayilli region .
The facts are being investigated.

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