Fatal traffic accidents happened in the territory of Sabirabad resulted in death of 2 persons and in the territory of Barda resulted in death of 3 persons on 18 september, 2013.

18 “September” 2013-rd

Automobile of “Tofaş” make with 10-JS-511 registration plate driven by Baghırov Tural Shirin born in 1986 - a resident of Sabirabad collided with an automobile of “Nissan-Tiana” make with 90-RR-383 registration plate driven by Novruzov Samir Sabir born in 1983 - a resident of Sabirabad within the territory of Kurkandi village, Sabirabad at about  00:10 o'clock on 17-18 september, 2013

The accident resulted in death of both drivers at the place of accident.

Another traffic accident was recorded on the 53rd km of Aran-Bahramtapa highway passing through the territory of Barda at about 02:30 o’clock on the same day. Automobile of “Vaz-2115” make with 90-MO-585 registration plate driven by Fataliyev Vusal Ceyhun born in 1988 - a resident of Agcabadi overturned into the river on the roadside as a result of control being lost.

The accident resulted in the death of passengers in the car Mammadov Elbrus Qabil born in 1988, Nadirov Nəvai İsrail born in 1987 and Safarov Farid Rovshan born in 1996 - residents of Agcabadi at the place of accident.

The facts are being investigated.
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