A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Absheron resulted in death of 4 persons and injury of 7 persons on 26 january, 2014.

26 “January” 2014-th

Automobile of “Mercedes C180” make with 10-MN-722 registration plate moving towards Baku driven by Shukurov Nadir Shani born in 1962 - a resident of Baku, firstly collided with an automobile of “VAZ-21011” make with 34-BB-128 registration plate moving in the opposite direction driven by Ibadov Bahadur Sarvan born in 1968 - a resident of Shamakhi and then with an automobile of “Mitsubishi L-200” make with 90-AH-363 registration plate driven by Abdulhamidov Murad Avaz - a resident of Shaki on the 29th km of Baku-Shamakhı-Yevlakh highway passing through Absheron at about 23:30 o'clock on 26 january 2014.

The accident resulted in death of the passenger in the automobile of “Mercedes C180” make Dibirova Gulbaniz Ibad born in 1964, the driver of the automobile "VAZ-

21011” and passengers in that car Ibadova Jeyran Bahadur born in 1994 and Ibadova Zahra Bahadur at the place of accident. The driver of the “Mercedes C180” automobile and passengers in that car Shamayılova Purim Tefkayevna born in 1964, Aliyeva Farida Adil, passengers of "VAZ-21011” automobile Ibadova Arifa Khalil born in 1970, Novruzov Vidadi Gulabbas born in 1986, as well as driver of the “Mitsubishi L-200” automobile and passenger in that car Rustamov Elshan Shahin born in 1979 were taken to the hospital with injuries.
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