A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Balakan resulted in death of 2 persons on 27 january, 2014.

27 “January” 2014-th

Automobile of “VAZ 2106” make with 08-BD-269 registration plate moving in the direction of regional centre from Gullar village driven by Saramanov Chingiz Mahammad born in 1985 – a resident of Balakan hit the pedestrian moving along the pavement Bodurova Maryam Jalal born in 1960 – a resident of Balakan and then crashed into the stone fence on the roadside by the control being lost on the 152nd of Yevlakh-Zagatala-Georgia frontier highway passing through Balakan at about 17:10 o’clock on 27 january 2014. The accident resulted in death of both driver and the pedestrian as a result of injury at the place of accident.

The fact is being investigated.
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