A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Aghstafa resulted in death of 4 persons on 30 january, 2014.

30 “January” 2014-th

Automobile of “BMW” make with 90-ER-606 registration plate driven by Aliyev Elnur Maharram born in 1984 – a resident of Fuzuli overturned on the bridge over the railway to the valley in the territory of Garahasanli village, Aghstafa at about 22:00 o’clock on 30 january, 2014. The accident resulted in death of the driver and passengers in the car Mehraliyev Alı Zohrab born in 1992, Abbasov Algayıt Telman born in 1988 – residents of Aghstafa and Isayev Nail Magsud born in 1990 – a resident of Aghsu at the place of accident.

The fact is being investigated.
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