About the measures taken for the provision of Road Traffic Safety during 2013

08 “February” 2014-th

A number of organizational and preventive measures have been taken by Main STP Department of MIA and its local sections in the field of the provision of traffic safety, maintaining public order and strengthening the service discipline in the republic during 2013 guided by Board Decisions, requirements of order and instructions, as well as, work plans of MIA of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  

Works done for the provision of traffic safety and accident rate in the republic and different regions quarterly summarized and analyzed as a complex, and the reports of the heads of  STP departments in which the status of the works done for the provision of the traffic safety are unsatisfactory have been listened.
Additional necessary measures have been taken in order to support managerial and organizational work, to improve legal and regulatory framework, to increase professional level of staff retaining a daily control of the ongoing operations carried out for organizing State Traffic Police activities in accordance with modern requirements and exactingness for obeying to the principles of rule of law and human rights and freedoms, discipline of service, performance and  accounting – registration have been increased.

Safety months were held under the motto « Let us unite and be safe in the roads! »  on 1-30 April, «Caution! Children! » since 10 September till 10 October and news related to these events broadcasted in the mass media and television channels in order to prevent road accidents, to strengthen discipline of traffic participants in the road traffic, as well as to prevent traffic traumatism in children, to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the country.

Measures related to the implementation of «National Strategy on increasing transparency and combating corruption and Action Plan for its fulfillment» approved upon the Order No 2292 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated July 28, 2007 have been continued, process of consideration of applications and complaints due to torts has been accelerated, citizens have been created conditions for applying directly to the leaders of the main department. Relations with the public have been expanded, website of STP has been provided with information on service performance regularly. And process of collecting fines, duties and other payments applied in regard to official activity has also been accelerated and transparency in this field has been increased.  

 During 2013, STP officers found 1.429.781 facts on TR violations, as well as, 10.424 facts on the driving of vehicles by drunk drivers, 299.368 facts on the overspeeding, 28699 facts on the overtaking speed rules, 52620 facts on the violation of the rules on crossing the road-separators,  4727 facts on the violation of passenger transportation regulations. The rights of 2636 drivers have been restricted for different terms due to the TR violations.  

During the current year, our officers detained 703 persons for auto-hooliganism, found 10.578 facts on the using covers for motor vehicle ban glass of which their use are illegal and drivers of those vehicles were brought to relevant administrative responsibility.

In 2013, «Signal» ILII installed 50 new traffic lights, 8113 traffic signs were set or substituted for new ones, streets and roads were marked (3.023.939 pm).  

Works have been continued on implementation of relevant measures according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan «On Atmosphere Protection» and intended in «The Comprehensive Action Plan on the improvement of ecological situation in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2010-2014 years » approved by the Decree No 1697 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on September 28, 2006, «Clean air» safety month was held in order to prevent the pollution of the atmosphere with harmful emissions from automobiles, to brought to account responsible persons in accordance with legislation by determining of automobiles with the excessive rates of harmful exhaust gases in the engines in the territory of the Republic on August 1-31 and, generally, relevant administrative measures have been taken by determining of automobiles with the excessive rates of harmful exhaust gases in the engines of 7276 vehicles as a result of the inspections carried out during this year.

During 2013, vehicle registration, re-registration, deregistration of vehicles that belong to the legal and physical persons, as well as citizens, delegations of offices, institutions and organizations were received for granting of driving licenses, 105.076 vehicles pre-registered, car parking numbers of the republic were 1.245.677. During the year 101897 driving licenses were issued to the citizens.

Notwithstanding the increased number of vehicles about 10%, the number of traffic accidents and died and injured persons in those accidents were decreased compared with 2012 as a result of the activities which carried out for the prevention of road accidents during this year.  So, 2846 RTAs were recorded in republic during 2013, as results 1164 were died and 2948 injured. Compared to relative period in 2012, the number of RTAs decreased by 46 facts (1, 6%), the number of dead decreased by 4 (0, 3%) and the number of the injured decreased by 49 (1, 6%).

323 RTAs resulted in death of 343 people and injury of 210 people were observed in the official territory of MIA MSTPD TPG. Compared to relative period in 2012, the number of RTAs, the dead and injured decreased by 67 (17, 2%), 4 (1, 2%) and 39 (15, 7%) respectively.

1011 RTAs were observed in Baku city which resulted in death of 342 people and injury of 1000 people. Compared to 2012, the number of RTAs and the injured people decreased by 57 (5, 3%) and 126 (11, 2%) respectively, and the dead increased by 12 (3, 6%) people.

92,8 % (2641) of recorded RTAs in the Republic happened due to the violation of rules by drivers, as well as 29,1% (828) – for overspeeding, 31,2% (887) – for overrunning and entering an opposite traffic lane, 8,4% (240) – for violation of rules of crossroads crossing, 2,7% (78) - for drunk driving. 38, 5% (1097) of RTAs includes hitting pedestrians, which resulted in death of 398 pedestrians and injury of 784 pedestrians. The cause of 119 RTAs was violation of RTR. 81 children and teenagers died, 268 people became injured in recorded RTAs in the Republic. Generally, 914 out of 1164 people died in RTAs was men, 250- women, and 2229 out of 2948 injured people was men, 719 – women.  

Referring to goals under the Decree dated 1994 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic «On actions for strengthening crime combat and improving legality and legal rules», STP employees found 4 rifles (2 without thread and 2 TOZ-8), 3 pistols (2 without thread and 1 gas), 6 automatic rifles, 5 «F1» and 1 «RQD» hand grenades, 2 magazines of automatic rifles, 990 rounds different calibre were found and delivered to investigating authorities.

Together with the other services of police, over 47 kg drugs (as well as 6 kg 712 gr marijuana, 7 kg 5 gr heroin, 29 kg 369 gr opium, 9 kg 35 gr hashish, 48 gr methadone, 0, 314 metanphetamin) and 1479 hemp bushes were found on 39 facts during the year.

The information on hijacking of 72 vehicles (43 of which were found) was received by Baku State Traffic Police Department during the 1st quarter of 2013. During the registration actions of vehicles in the exam-registration sections of Baku State Traffic Police Department, 3 persons and 3 cars being in search with database were detained, 54 facts and 14 facts of fake documents were detected on the basis of noncompliance of aggregate numbers with registration documents and were sent to research centers for investigation.  

Theft and hijacking of 350 vehicles was reported to MSTPD during 2013 and 282 of them 282 of them were found.  36 persons and 47 vehicles which was in search with the database during the process of registering a vehicles in the registration and exam department of MSTPD were stopped, as well as 275 facts on inaccuracies of aggregate numbers with the registration documents and 204 facts of forged documents were found and were sent to the investigating authorities.

The Main STP Department of the M IA continues its activities in the area of ensuring the traffic safety and maintaining public order guided by the rules, orders and instructions of the board of the M IA of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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