A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Aghstafa region resulted in death of 2 persons on February 08, 2014.

08 “February” 2014-th

Automobile of “VAZ-2106” make with 35-BB-538 registration plate driven by Aliyev Kamil Basharaddin, resident of Aghstafa region, born in 1979 collided with the truck of “Mercedes-Benz-1846-Actros” make with 05-AC-258 registration plate driven by Ismayilov Farman Mustafa, resident of the Republic of Georgia, born in 1959 on the 467th km of Baku-Gazakh-Georgia highway passing through Aghstafa region at about 17:45 o'clock on February 08, 2014.
As a result of the accident, the driver of “Vaz-2106” branded automobile and the passenger in the automobile Aghstafa region resident Ahmadova Manzara Adil born in 1977 died at the place of accident from injuries.

The fact is being investigated.

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