Informations 04 “April” 2018-th

To the attention of the vehicle holders and drivers travelling to the Republic of Georgia

A L L O C U T I O N of Main Traffic Police Department

24 “February” 2014-th

of Main Traffic Police Department to the individuals
and legal entities involved in transportation activities  

Recent years, rapid growth of the road infrastructure created great opportunities for the safety and convenience of traffic participants.
However, overloading of vehicles leads to premature failure of roads, bridges, road passages and other road structures, as well as creates serious problems for traffic safety.  
In spite of the fact that Individuals and legal entities involved in loading and transportation activities were repeatedly warned and administratively admonished , such cases are still ongoing.
Main Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs bring to the attention of individuals and legal entities involved in transportation activities, as well as drivers performing in this area that vehicles of people who caused to overloading of full-size and heavy vehicles belonging to themselves by exceeding permissable axle weight parameters, as well caused to exceeding these parameters  will be disqualified from being traffic participants by taking administrative reproach measures in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.
Please, adhere strictly to the transportation rules!

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