Informations 12 “November” 2018-th

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops congratulated the soldiers on the occasion of the military oath

A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Agdash resulted in death of 3 persons and injury of 1 person on 4 april 2014.

04 “April” 2014-th

An automobile of “VAZ-21074” make with 90-XZ-967 registration plate driven by Lalayev Elvin Mehman, born in 1983 - a resident of Gazakh collided with the automobiles of “Kamaz” make with 24-BE-444 registration plate driven by Aliyev Mehdi Rza, born in 1988- a resident of Hajigabul and of “Kamaz-65115” make with 60-BL-211 registration plate driven by Ahmadov Bahram Talıb, born in 1965- a resident of Tovuz on the Bakı-Gazakh-Georgia highway passing through Agdash territory at about 16:30 o'clock, on 4 april, 2014.The accident resulted in death of driver of the automobile of “VAZ-21074” make and passengers in the car Garakhanova Akifa Mashadi, born in 1962 - a resident of Gazakh and Lalayeva Raya Elvin born in 20 march, 2014 at the place of accident, driver of automobile of “Kamaz-65115” make was taken to Agdash Central Regional Hospital with injuries.The fact is being investigated.
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