A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Masalli resulted in death of 4 persons, injury of 2 persons on 12 may 2014.

12 “May” 2014-th

An automobile of “Nissan X-Trail” make with 10-ON-465 registration plate driven by Sadıyev Ismayıl Hazarkhan born in 1965 - a resident of  Yardimli collided with the automobile of  “VAZ-21099” make with 15-BN-712 registration plate driven by Teymurov Mahir Aghalı born in 1974 - a resident of Jalilabad on the 157th km of Alat-Astara highway passing through Masalli at about 13:00 o'clock on 12 may 2014. The accident resulted in death of the driver of the automobile of “VAZ-21099” make and its passenger Teymurov Mutalib Aghalı born in 1961 - a resident of Jalilabad, passengers of the automobile of “Nissan X-Trail” Mahmudova Govhar Agha born in 1966 - a resident of Sabirabad and Sadıyev Movlud Ismayıl born in 1993 - a resident of Yardimli at the place of accident. The driver of the automobile of “Nissan X-Trail” make and its passenger Sadıyev Magsud Ismayıl born in 1995 - a resident of Yardimli were taken into Masalli Central Regional Hospital with injuries. The fact is being investigated.  

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