A bus of “Isuzu-Bogdan” make with 20-AE-176 registration plate driven by Ahmadov Fidail Yolchu born in 1979, a resident of Ganja city collided with the automobile of “VAZ-2106” make with 20-CE-595 registration plate driven by Babayev Ilqar Firuddin born in 1968, a resident of Ganja city on the 1st km of Dashkasan-Ganja highway passing through Goy-Gol district at about 10:00 am on 26 June 2014.

26 “June” 2014-th

The accident resulted in death of the driver of the automobile of “VAZ-2106” make and the passenger in the car Babayeva Mahira Hamid born in 1948, a resident of Ganja city at the place of accident, the other passenger in that car Naghiyeva Tahira Firuddin born in 1969, and the passengers in the bus of “Isuzu-Bogdan” make Jafarova Nazila Suliddin born in1979, Hasanov Ismayil Nizami born in 2010, Abbasov Maharram Nasraddin born in 1938 were taken to the Ganja Emergency Aid Hospital with injuries.

The facts are being investigated.
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