Informations 07 “July” 2018-th

The Main State Traffic Police Department informs vehicle drivers and owners that the technical inspection of vehicles is continuing.

A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Goranboy district resulted in death of 3 persons and injury of 1 person on 30 June 2014.

30 “June” 2014-th

 An automobile of “Toyota Land Cruiser” make with 10-HE-071 registration plate driven by Gasimov Habil Aziz born in 1971, a resident of Baku city when on the move losing control overturned the car to the right side of the road on the 329th km of Baku-Gazakh-Georgia frontier highway passing through Goranboy district at about 09:30 am on 30 June 2014.

The accident resulted in death of the residents of Baku city, the driver Gasimov Abgul Mammadkarim born in 1945, at the place of accident and the other passenger in that car Gasimov Faig Aziz born in 1967, in the hospital, Gasimov Ilham Khudush born in 1963 was taken to the Ganja Emergency Aid Hospital with injuries.
The facts are being investigated.
A fatal traffic accident happened in the territory of Goy-Gol district resulted in death of 2 persons and injury of 4 persons on 26 June 2014.

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