On September 21, 2014 a fatal road-traffic accident resulting in death of death of 4 persons happened in the territory of Shamakhi region

22 “September” 2014-th

On September 21, 2014 at about 21.10 , the  “Mercedes-Benz Actros“ branded truck, with the state  registration plate  99-CS-488, driven in the direction  of Baku city, by a resident  of Oghuz region  Mammadaliyev Nurlan Vahid  born on 1989,  on  129th km  of  Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh highway passing through the  Shamakhi territory collided with  the  “Mercedes-Benz C220“ car, with 99-DV-061  state  registration  plate , moving  in the opposite direction driven by Baku city resident Ismayilov Alocsat Tahir born  on 1966.

As a result  of the  accident driver and  passenger  of  automobile: Baku city rsident, Abdurahmanli Fuad Shahid born on 1986, residents  of Shaki city Mammadov Elchin Rasim born  on 1981 and Huseynov Elshad Hikmat born on 1973 died at the  place of accident.

The fact is being investigated

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