On September 29, 2014 a fatal road-traffic accident resulting in death of 9 persons and injury of 2 persons happened in the territory of Ismayilli region

29 “September” 2014-th

On September 29, 2014  at about 12:20 “Mercedes” branded car, with 90-BP-886  state registration plate driven in the direction of Yevlakh by a resident  of  Aghsu region  Mammadov Davud Mammad born in 1966, on 180th km of Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh road passing through Kuba-Khalilli village  of Ismayilli region collided against  with  “Mitsubishi Pajero” branded car, with 23-BX-232 state registration plate, driven  in the direction  of Baku city by a resident  of Goychay region Asgarov  Bakhtiyar Firudin born in 1960.

As a result  of the  accident driver and  passengers  of “Mercedes” branded car: Mammadova Jala Giblali born in 1963, Maharramli Gunel Veyis born in 1985, Maharramov Ramiz Rustam born in 2008, Badalova Gulay Davud born in 1990, 6 month old badalova malak Rauf born in 2014 living at the same address as well as passengers  of   “Mitsubishi Pajero” automobile: Asgarov Firudin Alakbar born in 1983, Asgarova Lumu Karim born in 1940 and Asgarova Nahida Sefaddin born in 1962  living at the same address dies at the  place  of accident and  the driver  of  “Mitsubishi Pajero” branded car  and passenger  of “Mercedes” branded automobile a resident  of  Aghsu region  Mirzayeva Sevinj Khosrov were taken to the Goychay and Aghsu region central hospitals  with injuries.

The fact is being investigated.

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