14 “November” 2014-th

According to the changes made to the state standards AZS 122-2004 “Safety glass of Surface Transport Vehicles”, “General specifications” of the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of Azerbaijan Republic, in the transport vehicles the light transmit ability of other windows which are not against the weather (rear side windows) should not be less than 70 percent. Also taking into account climatic conditions of Azerbaijan Republic every year from May1to November 15, the use of jalousies prepared by industrially on these windows were permitted. Thereby, we bring to the attention of drivers that the period of use of the specified jalousies expires on November 15. Due to the  use  of  jalousies or other  facilities limiting visibility  on the  rear side windows  from the  specified period, the  drivers  shall be  fined  in the  amount  of  one hundred fifty manats in accordance  with  the requirement  stipulated by Article  155.2.4 of  Administrative Offences Code of Azerbaijan Republic.
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