Informations 12 “November” 2018-th

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs - Commander of the Internal Troops congratulated the soldiers on the occasion of the military oath

The fatal road accident happened in Goranboy district on December 4, 2014, as a result of which three people died.

04 “December” 2014-th

On December 4, 2014, approximately at 20:20 in the 340 km from the Baku-Gazakh-Georgia boundary road, which passes through the territory of Goranboy district, the “VAZ-2101” car with the state license plate of 35-BD-531 number, driven by a resident of Ganja district Amrakhov Rafig Khakhverdi born in 1981 collided with the “Hyundai Santa Fe” car with the state license plate of 15-AA-088 number, driven by a resident of Jalilabad district Kerimov Rafayil Aghabay born in 1977.

As a result of the car accident, the passengers, which were in the car “VAZ-2101”, residents of Ganja district Mammadov Sahib Aziz born in 1951 and Shukurilakhi Ramin Samandar born in 1987, had died at the scene, but another passenger, the resident of Agstafa district, Mustafayeva Gunel  Zakir born in 1990, had died in the Ganja Hospital Ambulance №3.

The investigation is underway.

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