Fatal traffic accident, resulted in death of 2 persons on the territory of Yevlakh region, happened on March 30, 2015.

30 “March” 2015-th

On March 30, 2015, at about 00:50, resident of Aghdash region Sadigov Rashad Ahmadiyya born in 1977, being at the wheel of his “Hyundai Accent” car brand with state number plate 10-MZ-556, lost control over the car and overtuned the car into the tip on the left side of the road by removing it from the road on the territory of Yukhari Garkhun village of Yevlakh region. 

Driver and passenger, Aghdash region resident Isayev Ramin Elbrus born in 1978, died at the scene of the accident because of injuries.   

The fact is being investigated.

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