Related to the 3rd stage of “TOUR d’ AZERBAİDJAN” international cycling tournament

07 “May” 2015-th

Road traffic will be limited in the following roads during mentioned period on 08.05.2015 related to the 3rd TOUR d’ AZERBAİDJAN” international cycling tournament dedicated to the memory of national leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev. 

Aghdash-Zaraghan-Gabala road:Section of Aghdash-Zaraghan-Gabala road from Gabala to Zaraghan (in both directions)
From 09:20 am till 09:50 am and from 13:30 pm till 14:00 pm

Zaraghan-Oghuz-Shaki road: Including regional centers of Oghuz in Zaraghan-Oghuz road (in both directions)
From 09:30 am till 10:50 am and from 12:30 pm till 13:40 pm 

Including regional centers of Shaki in Oghuz-Shaki road (in both directions)
 From 10:40 am till 12:40 pm. 
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