3 persons died, 24 were injured as a result of serious traffic accident in Khizi region on May 29, 2016

31 “May” 2016-th

On May 29, 2016 driver Shirinov Zaur Murghuz, resident of Sumgayit city, born in 1982, turned over Hyundai bus he was driving with 50-CX-181 state registration plate in the 5th km of Gizilgazma-Khizi road at about 19:05.
As a result of accident among passengers on a bus Abdullayev Sarkhan Ata, born in 1950, Haziyev Kamal Islam, born in 1984, Ismayilova Billura Nardab, born in 1963, died from injuries, bus driver and other 23 passengers were hospitalized in Siyazan region and Sumgayit city with body injuries of various degrees.
The fact is under investigation.

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