About traffic accidents on the roads of Republic for 5 months of 2016

11 “June” 2016-th

Measures taken in the field of prevention of accidents have had positive impact on prevention of accidents across the Republic in general and growth of their severity level, as well as decrease in the number of dead and injured as a result of accident. So, 732 road accidents have been recorded on the territory of the Republic for 5 months of 2016, consequently, 242 people died, 797 were injured. Quantity of accidents has decreased by 119 facts (14%), the death toll by 86 persons (26.2%), and number of injured by 99 persons (11%) in comparison with according period of 2015.

268 traffic accidents have been recorded within the territory of Baku city, consequently, 58 persons died, 290 persons were wounded. Quantities of traffic accidents, dead and injured have decreased by 66 facts (19.8%), 58 persons (41.4%), 290 persons (16.4%), respectively, in comparison with 2015. 

38.3% (281 accidents, 91 dead, 311 injured) of traffic accidents recorded in the Republic occurred due to getting on the road of oncoming traffic, 24.7% (181 accidents, 74 dead, 159 injured) due to driving vehicles at high speed, 13.1% (96 accidents, 21 dead, 127 injured) due to the violation of rules of roundabouts, 1.9% (14 accidents, 3 dead, 20 injured) due to driving vehicles in a drunken state. 42.7% of traffic accidents (313) is hitting of pedestrians, as a result of it, 106 pedestrians died and 229 were injured. 13 traffic accidents occurred as a result of violation of traffic rules by pedestrians. 13 children and teenagers were killed, 61 were injured as a result of traffic accident recorded within the Republic.

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