State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Fatal traffic accidents took place in the area of Salyan region resulting in death of 2 persons and in Yardimli region resulting in death of 2 persons, injury of 1 person, on July 9, 2012.

09 “July” 2012-nd

 The automobile of “QAZ-3110” brand with 10-MN-443 state registration plate driven by Farzaliyev Rasul Bejan born in 1971- a resident of Salyan region collided with the truck of “VOLVO” brand with state registration plate A 012 PH 197/RUS with a trailer, driven by Shiraliyev Rasim Sahibzaman born in 1969- a resident of Baku city, in the 33rd km of Alat-Astara-Iran border highway passing through Salyan region at about 18:20 o’clock on July 9, 2012.
As a result of the accident, the driver R. Farzaliyev and the passenger - resident of Salyan region, Rzayev Shirzad Yasar born in 1986 died at the accident locale because of the fire in “QAZ-3110”.
     Other traffic accident was recorded in the territory of the Bozayran village of Yardimli region at about 18:50. The automobile of “Vaz-2121” brand with 50-BG-800 state registration plate turned over while being driven by Yardimli region resident Guliyev Alisalam Imash born in 1971.
As a result of the accident, the passengers, residents of Yardimli region who were in the burning car, Guliyev Ilkin Imash born in 1972 and Guliyev Aykhan Rizvan born in 2003 died at the place of accident by burning and the driver was taken to the hospital with injuries.
The facts are being investigated.

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