State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

About the actions for ensuring road traffic safety within 6 months of 2012

24 “July” 2012-nd

Referring to requirements of Board resolutions, orders and tasks, also working plans of the MIA of the Republic of Azerbaijan, some organizational and preventive actions were taken for ensuring road traffic safety, maintaining public order and strengthening service discipline by MIA MSTP Department and its regional offices during the 1st quarter of 2012.
Measure in connection with the fulfillment of “Action Plan concerning the increase of transparency and National Strategy for combating corruption and its fulfillment” (2007-2011) ratified by the Order No. 2292, dated July 28, 2007 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan have been continued, the procedure of considering applications and appeals in regard to law-breaking has been improved, and the citizens have got an opportunity to apply directly to the administration of main department. Relations with the public have been expanded, web page reflecting the activity of STP has been provided with information regarding the service. The procedure of collecting fines, duties and other payments applied with regard to service has been improved and discrepancy in this sphere has been increased.
On the basis of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s instruction, the personnel have regularly been delivered the tasks given at the meeting of the Commission on Combating Corruption chaired by Ramiz Mehdiyev on January 27, 2011and demands of the state leader during the briefings and they have been required to strictly comply with the standards of ethical behaviour while communicating with citizens and approach them with attention and care.
Reception of information on law-breaking through local computer network, official checkup of vehicles, the procedure on improving the network software in accordance with the international practice were continued during the reporting period, keeping the spotlight on application of scientific and technical achievements, new information technologies.
During the 1st quarter of 2012, STP collaborators observed 449986 facts in traffic rules violation in the process of road traffic control, as well as 9116 in driving of vehicles by drunken drivers, 47440 in exceeding specified speed limit, 6089 in violating rules of overrunning, 15989 in violating rules of crossing at the crossroads, 2548 in violating rules of passenger transportation. Rights of 1013 drivers have been restricted for different periods due to violation of traffic rules.
Though number of traffic accidents in the area of the republic and the injured became less in comparison with proper period of last year as a result of the actions taken for prevention of traffic accidents, slight increase is observed in the number of the died. So that, 1278 traffic accidents were recorded in the area of the republic during the 1st quarter and as a result 436 people died, 1361 were injured. Compared to the proper period of the last year, number of traffic accidents became less by 86 facts (6, 3%) and the injured by 104 persons (7, 1%), but number of the died increased by 3 persons (0, 7%).
133 traffic accidents were recorded in service area of MIA MSTPD TPSR, as a result 104 persons died, 87 became injured. Compared to the proper period of the last year, the number of traffic accidents and the injured decreased by 5 (3, 6%), 23 persons (20, 9%) respectively, but the number of the died increased by 6 persons (6, %).
532 traffic accidents were recorded in the area of Baku city, as a result of these accidents 147 persons died and 584 persons became injured. Compared to the 1st quarter of 2011 the number of traffic accidents, the died and the injured decreased by 179 (25, 2%), 22 persons (13%) and 190 persons (24, 5%) respectively.
85,4% of traffic accidents recorded in the republic caused by drivers’ violation of rules, 26,8% (343) by driving vehicles in a high speed, 24,8% (317) by overrunning and entering the way of coming vehicle, 9,2% (117) by violation of rules for crossing at the crossroads, 3,4% (43) by driving vehicles being drunk. 36, 5% (466) of traffic accidents include hit of pedestrians, as a result 148 pedestrians died and 352 became injured. 132 of traffic accidents were caused by pedestrians’ violation of traffic rules. As a result of the traffic accidents recorded in the republic 21 children and teenagers died, 97 became injured. But as a result of generally recorded traffic accidents 352 persons out of the 436 died were men, 84 women, and 1059 persons out of 1361 injured were men, 302 women.
41 traffic accidents resulted in death of 4 persons and injury of 39 persons in the republic during the 1st quarter of 2012 remained closed.
Collaborators of the Main Department, during the 1st quarter of 2012,  received citizens, representatives of department, institutions and organizations for registration, re-registration, deregistration of vehicles belonging to legal and natural persons and issuing driving licenses, 46812 automobiles were initially registered, 32949 initial driving licenses were issued.
13 traffic light facilities were installed by «Signal», 3170 road signs were put or substituted for new ones, streets and roads were marked (739.450 pm) during the 1st quarter of 2012.
During the reporting period, the actions for increasing control over technical state of automobiles, conducting investigation in regard to automobiles not passing the official checkup, preventing the cases of exploitation of technically disordered automobiles, making drivers and other associated people answerable for such offences, were in the spotlight. In order to improve the quality of official checkup procedure of automobiles, activities for construction of diagnostic stations in the administrative territory of MIA MSTPD Registration-Exam and official checkup departments and provision of modern control devices continued.
Implementation of actions provided in the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “Protection of Atmospheric Air” and “Complex Actions Plan for 2010-2014 concerning the improvement of ecological state in the Republic of Azerbaijan” ratified upon the Order No.1697, dated September 28, 2006 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan continued, also as controls during the half-year revealed that amount of noxious gases exceeds the norm in discharged gases of engines in 692 automobiles, proper actions carried out in this sphere.
Referring to the duties arising from the Decree dated 1994 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On actions of enhancement of fight against crime and, strengthening of law and Order”, 5 submachine guns, 4 submachine gun chargers, 146 live cartridges (5.45 calibres), 2 rifles (TOZ-8) and 1 tank shell have been found by the STP collaborators and delivered to investigating bodies during the reporting period.
Narcotics over 13 kg (at the same time 12 kg hashish, 105 g marijuana, 1 kg heroin, 5.174 g opium) was found according to 15 facts together with other activities of police during the half-year.
During the first half of 2012, MSTPD was reported about hijacking of 141 vehicles and 115 of them were found. 7 automobiles and 11 persons in search were detained while registering motor vehicles in MSTPD Registration-Exam departments, 111 facts on unconformity of aggregate number to registration documents and 54 facts on forged documents were revealed and the materials were sent to investigating bodies for investigation.
MIA MSTP Department, referring to MIA board resolutions, orders and instructions, continues its actions on ensuring traffic safety and preserving law and order.

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