State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

A fatal traffic accident resulting in death of 4 persons happened in the territory of Shaki region on August 07, 2012.

07 “August” 2012-nd

The automobile of “Mercedes-Benz” brand with 10-NL-686 state registration plate driven by Zagatala region resident   Ahmadov Mahammad Ahmad born in 1961, on the 59th km of Yevlakh - Zagatala-Georgia border highway passing through Shaki region   collided with the truck of “SHACMAN” brand with 01-AD-098 state registration plate driven by the resident of Nakhchivan AR Rahimov Ilkin Elbayi   born in 1982 on August 07, 2012 at about 14:50.  
As a result of the accident, driver of “Mercedes-Benz ” and the passengers in automobile, Baku city  resident İmanov Vugar Mais   born in 1983  and Zagatala region resident Aslanov Elburus Nuraddin born in 1981 and the resident of the Russian federation Morodze Eldar Zeynal  born in 1963 died in the  place of accident.  
The facts are being investigated.

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