State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Fatal road-traffic accident resulting in death of two persons and in the injury of two persons took place in the territory of Lankaran region on August 12, 2012.

12 “August” 2012-nd

The automobile of  “VAZ-21154” brand with state registration plate 42-BP-620   driven by a resident of  Lankaran region Huseynzade Yaser Yashar born in 1991, in Astara region direction, on the 191km of  Alat-Astara-Iran border highway passing throughthe trritory of Lankaran region collided with the automobile of  “VAZ-21074” brand with state registration plate 44-BN-654, moving in the opposite direction driven by a resident of Masalli region Murtuzayev Ilham Khalil born in 1962 on August 12, 2012.
As a result of the accident, the passenger in the automobile of  “VAZ-21074” brand- a resident of  Masalli region Aliyev Nazar Samand born in 1962 died at the place of accident , the driver I. Murtuzayev died at the hospital after being taken to the  Lankaran Treatment-Diagnostic Center, the other passenger in the same automobile- a resident of Masalli region Ganbarov Fikrat Jankishi born in 1956 and the driver of automobile of  “VAZ-21154” brand Y. Huseynzade were injured.
The facts are being investigated.
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