State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Two fatal road-traffic accidents happened in the territory of Garadagh district of capital resulting in death of 10 persons, injury of 41 persons on August 31, 2012.

31 “August” 2012-nd

"Daewoo" branded bus passenger with state registration plate 10-TF-427, driven by a Baku city resident Agayev Farid Aghami born in 1986, on the railway crossing of Garadagh district in the territory of Lokbatan settlement collided with passenger train on August 31, 2012 at about 07:30.

As a result of the accident, 7 persons died among the passengers in the bus, 41 persons got physical injuries with various degrees.

The other accident was recorded on the 60th km of Baku-Gazakh-Georgian border highway passing through the territory of Garadagh district at about 19:30.
“İVEKO Otoyol M23.9” branded bus, with state registration plate 90-FH-310, driven in the direction of Gazakh region by a resident of  Neftchala region Mammadov Khammad Abil born in 1948, collided with the “VAZ-2106” branded motor car, with state registration plate 10-KM-726 driven by a Salyan region resident Asadov Javanshir Usu born in 1958.
As a result of the accident, the driver of “VAZ-2106” branded automobile and the passengers in the automobile, Salyan region resident Huseynov Elmaddin Eldar born in 1983 and a man aged 40-45, whose identity is not known died at the place of accident from injuries.
The facts are being investigated.

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