State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Actions for ensuring road traffic safety during 9 months in 2012

21 “October” 2012-nd

Referring to Board decisions, orders and instructions of Azerbaijan Republic MIA, MIA MSTP Department and its offices carried out a number of organizational and preventive actions to ensure road traffic safety, maintain public order and strengthen official discipline during 9 months in 2012.
Actions in relation to implementation of “National Strategy on increasing transparency and combating corruption and Action Plan (2007-2011) for its fulfilment” approved upon the Order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated July 28, 2007 and No 2292 have continued, work of considering applications and complaints on law violation has been improved, citizens have been afforded opportunities to apply directly to the leaders of the main department. Relations with the public have been expanded, website of STP has been provided with information on service. And work of collecting fines, duties and other payments applied in regard to official activity has also been improved and transparency in this field has been increased.
Tasks set at the meeting of the Committee for Combating Corruption chaired by Ramiz Mehdiyev, the head of the Presidential Administration on January 27, 2011, based on the instruction of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev and requirements of the head of the state were delivered to the personnel during regular briefings, and they were required to strictly follow the standards of ethical conduct, be attentive and careful while communicating to citizens.
Application of scientific and technical achievements, new information technologies in MSTP Department were in the focus of attention during the reporting period and activities for reception of information on rules violations, official checkup of vehicles through local computer network, improvement of network software pursuant to international practice continued.
In the process of road traffic control during 9 months, 2012, the employees of STP found out 727014 RTR violations, as well as the facts of drunk driving (14099), exceeding the speed limit (73893), overrunning (17752), violating the rules of crossing crossroads (24762) and violating the rules of passenger transportation (4182). Rights of 1518 drivers have been restricted due to RTR violation.
 As a result of the actions carried out for prevention of road traffic accidents, the number of accidents and the injured in the republic has become less than previous years, but the number of the dead has become more. So that, 2126 RTAs were recorded during 9 months that resulted in death of 838 people, injury of 2280 people. The number of RTAs decreased by 11 facts (5%), and injured people by 179 (7.3 %), but died people increased by 126 (17.7%).
281 RTAs were observed in the official territory of MIA MSTPD TPG that resulted in death of 248 people and injury of 183 people. Compared to relative period in 2011, the number of RTAs and the dead increased by 25 (9, 8%) and 57 (29, 9%) respectively, the number of the injured decreased by 34 (15, 7%).
818 RTAs were observed in Baku which resulted in death of 273 people and injury of 882 people. Compared to 9 months in 2011, the number of RTAs and the injured decreased by 200 (19,6%) and 235 (21%) respectively, and the injured increased by 12 (4,6%) people.
86.1 % (1830) of recorded RTAs in the Republic happened due to the rules violations by drivers, 27,7% (590) – driving in high speed, 26,4% (561) – overrunning and entering an opposite traffic lane, 8,8% (188) – violation of rules of crossroads crossing, 3% (64) - drunk driving. 34,3% (729) of RTAs includes striking pedestrians, which resulted in death of 268 pedestrians and injury of 515 pedestrians. The cause of 209 RTAs was violation of RTR. 58 children and teenagers died, 176 people became injured in recorded RTAs in the Republic. Generally, 675 out of 838 people died in RTAs was men, 163- women, and 1745 out of 2280 injured people was men, 535 – women.
67 RTAs resulting in death of 13 persons and injury of 56 persons during 9 months in 2012 remained unsolved.
During 9 months in 2012, employees of the Main Department registered re-registered, deregistered vehicles of legal and natural persons, received citizens, representatives of departments, bodies and agencies to issue driving licenses, 76452 automobiles were initially registered, 56164 initial driving licenses were issued.
During 9 months in 2012, 20 traffic light facilities were installed, 91 of them were repaired, 4148 road signs were set or substituted for new ones, streets and roads were marked in 1.648.650 pm.
Referring to goals under the Decree dated 1994 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic “On actions for strengthening crime combat and improving legality and legal rules”, STP employees found 8 automatic machines, 4 chargers, 776 cartridges of different calibre, 10 rifles (3 TOZ-8), 5 pistols (4 made through primitive method) and 1 tank bullet were found and delivered to investigating authorities.
Besides, over 14 kg drugs (12 kg hashish, 115 gr marijuana, 2.45 kg heroin, 31.279 gr opium) were found during this period.
During 9 months in 2012, MSTPD received report on hijacking 203 vehicles and 186 of them were found. 16 automobiles and 18 persons in search have been detained in the process of registration of vehicles in registration-exam offices of MSTPD, documents on 175 and 54 false facts regarding the noncompliance of unit numbers with registration documents were found and presented investigational authorities to be investigated.
MIA MSTP Department, referring to board decisions of Azerbaijan Republic MIA, orders and instructions, continues its activities for ensuring traffic safety and maintaining public order.

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