State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

About the measures taken in the field of traffic safety within 3 months of 2013

23 “April” 2013-rd

A number of organizational and preventive measures have been implemented by MIA Main State Traffic Police Department and by its local offices guided by the requirements of decisions, orders and instructions, as well as business plan of the board of MIA of Azerbaijan Republic, in the direction of insuring traffic safety in the republic, maintaining public order and strengthening of service discipline during the 1st quarter of 2013.
During 2012, the work done in the field of ensuring state of accidents in the republic and different areas, provision of road safety had complex analyses by being generalized, its results have been widely discussed with the Managing Board of Territorial and Nizami district offices of STP in the operative meeting held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Colonel-General Mr. R. Usubov, and reports of STP section leaders with unsatisfactory state of done works in the field of provision of traffic safety. Review-reference has been prepared and has been sent to places for official use guided by the program character instructions and recommendations Mr. R. Usubov related to the prevention of traffic accidents, organization of the struggle against serious violations of rule, improvement of morale and psychological environment among personal staff.
Additional necessary measures were taken for the purpose of improving governance and organizational activity, the legal and regulatory framework, increasing the professional level of the staff by keeping the implemented works on the establishment of activities of STP in accordance with the modern requirements under the daily supervision of the administration of the Ministry, demand for the observance of service, accounting, registration and execution discipline and observance of the principles of the rule of human rights and freedoms, and the rule of law.
By taking into custody, the implementation of goals set forth in the decrees and orders of the President of Azerbaijan Republic was ensured within the quarter.
During the first quarter of 2013, employees of the SRPD have found out 335254 facts of RTR violations, as well as 2098 drunken driving, 45922 speed limit exceeding, 6461 outdriving, 8950 crossroad rules breaking, 1325 passenger transportation rules breaking. 271 drivers’ rights were limited for different periods due to RTR infringement.

5 traffic lights were installed by «Siqnal» IILI, 1254 road signs were placed and replaced, and 112.200 pm color-marking have been carried out on roads and streets.

Within this period, vehicle registration, re-registration, deregistration, as well as citizens, delegations of offices, institutions and organizations were received for granting of driving licenses, 21008 vehicles pre-registered, 25741 driving licenses were issued.
Number of died and injured persons was increased as a result of traffic accidents compared with the corresponding period of last year despite of the activities which carried out in the field of prevention of road accidents. So, 646 traffic accidents were recorded. As a result 258 were died and 691 injured.
Compared to relative period in 2012, the number of RTAs and the dead increased by 118 (22,3%) and 104 (67,5%) respectively, the number of the injured increased by 123 (21,7%).
90 RTAs were observed in the official territory of MIA MSTPD TPG that resulted in death of 84 people and injury of 75 people. Compared to relative period in 2012, the number of RTAs and the dead increased by 34 (60,7%) and 40 (90, 9%) respectively, the number of the injured increased by 41 (2,2%).
221 RTAs were observed in Baku which resulted in death of 80 people and injury of 211 people. Compared to I quarter of 2012, the number of RTAs and the dead people increased by 9 (4,2%) and 37 (86%) respectively, and the injured decreased by 26 (1,1%) people.
92,6 % (598) of recorded RTAs in the Republic happened due to the rules violations by drivers, 31,3% (202) – driving in high speed, 30,5% (197) – overrunning and entering an opposite traffic lane, 9,1% (59) – violation of rules of crossroads crossing, 2,6% (17) - drunk driving. 37,8% (244) of RTAs includes hitting pedestrians, which resulted in death of 86 pedestrians and injury of 183 pedestrians. The cause of 34 RTAs was violation of RTR. 19 children and teenagers died, 54 people became injured in recorded RTAs in the Republic. Generally, 201 out of 258 people died in RTAs was men, 57- women, and 533 out of 691 injured people was men, 158 – women.
Referring to goals under the Decree dated 1994 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic “On actions for strengthening crime combat and improving legality and legal rules”, STP employees found 2 rifles (1 without thread and 1 TOZ-8), 5 pistols (4 made through primitive method) were found and delivered to investigating authorities.
Together with the other services of police, over 3 kg drugs (1 kg 667 gr marijuana, 4.6 gr heroin, 2 kg 273 gr opium 2 kg 35 gr hashish, 48 gr methadone) were found during the quarter.
The information on stealing 72 vehicles (43 of which were found) was received by Baku State Traffic Police Department during the 1st quarter of 2013. During the registration actions of vehicles in the exam-registration sections of Baku State Traffic Police Department, 3 persons and 3 cars being in search with database were detained, 54 facts and 14 facts of fake documents were detected on the basis of noncompliance of aggregate numbers with registration documents and were sent to research centers for investigation.
The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues its activities in the area of ensuring the traffic safety and maintaining public order guided by the rules, orders and instructions of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic.

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