State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Referring to Board decisions, orders and instructions of Azerbaijan Republic MIA, MIA MSTP Department and its offices carried out a number of organizational and preventive actions to ensure road traffic safety, maintain public order and strengthen official discipline during the I quarter of 2013.

29 “July” 2013-rd

The actions carried out in the field of ensuring situation of traffic accidents and road traffic safety in the Republic and its different areas during 2012 were analyzed in the complex form, the results were discussed in the operational conference held by MIA, Colonel Mr. R.Usubov with senior management of STP area and regular parts. The reports of STP department heads were heard where the situation of works implemented in the field of ensuring traffic safety was non-satisfactory. Relevant measures were determined for prevention of road traffic accidents, the organization of the struggle against serious violations, improvement of moral-psychological environment among personal staff, strengthening discipline on the basis of Mr. R.Usubov’s instructions and recommendations and certificate of review was developed of programmatic character and was sent to appropriate places for official use.
Other necessary actions were carried out in order to improve legal and regulatory base, to increase professional level of personal staff keeping at the same time the works on establishment of actions complying with modern requirements in the STP service were kept under daily control of the Ministry also instance on compliance with legality, the principles of human rights and freedom supremacy, service, execution and accounting-registration discipline has increased.
In general 110.416 RTAs were recorded, as well as the facts of drunk driving (762), exceeding the speed limit (20.312), overrunning (2163), violating the rules of maneuvering (1216), violating the rules of crossing crossroads (3953), auto hooliganism by drivers (60), driving without driving licence (1280), violating the rules of passenger transportation (12.021), using films for deterioration of  car windows (1252), violating requirements of marking lines (2224), not complying with requirements of traffic signal (2013) were recorded during the traffic safety month under the name “ Be courteous on the road, be safe!” held from 1 April till 30 April in order to prevent road traffic accidents, to improve discipline in the field of road traffic of road traffic participants in the country area.
Attention to the efficiency of the actions on prevention of facts such as driving without driving license, drunk driving, exceeding the speed limit, overrunning, violating the requirements of traffic signal, driving without safety belts, also illegally equipped, and state registration with technical problems and with non-relevant rules was increased in order to strengthen control over road traffic. The results of works carried out in this area were covered on a regular basis.
During raids implemented in Baku and surrounding areas 5550 RTAs were recorded as well as the facts of drunk driving (37), making changes in the car design (699), installation of additional eqipments into car damping device (151), violating the rules of using sound signal (78), covering car side windows with films not allowed by law (2541) were recorded , also 13 auto hooligan drivers, 572 vehicles with rear side windows non-complying standards were detained. Appropriate measures have been taken administratively against 160 bus drivers commiting violations of differenet rules engaging on passenger transportation.
During the 1st of 2013, 12  traffic light facilities were installed, 3288 road signs were set or substituted for new ones, streets and roads were marked in 749.269 pm by «Siqnal» IILI.
In general, in the process of road traffic control during the first of 2013, 2012, the employees of STP found out 683.430  RTR violations, as well as the facts of drunk driving (4.749), exceeding the speed limit (118.588), overrunning (14.226), violating the rules of crossing crossroads (19.605) and violating the rules of passenger transportation (2.588). Rights of 814 drivers have been restricted due to RTR violation.
During the 1st of 2013, employees of the Main Department registered re-registered, deregistered vehicles of legal and natural persons, received citizens, representatives of departments, bodies and agencies to issue driving licenses, 47.764 automobiles were initially registered, 51.226  initial driving licenses were issued.
In despite of preventive actions carried out for prevention of road traffic accidents, the number of accidents and the dead and injured in the republic has become more compared to relative period in 2012. So, 1366 RTAs were recorded during the half-year that resulted in death of 556 people, injury of 1452 people. The number of RTAs increased by 88 facts (6,9%), died people by 120 (27,5%) and injured people by 90 (6,7%).
159 RTAs were recorded in TPSR service area of MSTPD of MIA during reporting period that resulted in death of 170 people and injury of 119 people. Compared to relative period in 2012, the number of RTAs increased by 26 (19,5%), the dead by 66 (63,5%) and respectively the injured  by 32 (36,8%) .
490  RTAs were recorded in Baku that resulted in death of 160  people, injury of 506 people. The number of RTAs decreased by 13 facts (2,6%), and injured people by 52 (9,3%), but died people increased by 29 (22,1%) in comparison with the I quarter of 2012.
92,6% (1265) of recorded RTAs in the Republic happened due to the rules violations by drivers, 30,9% (422) – driving in high speed, 30% (409) – overrunning and entering an opposite traffic lane, 8,8% (120) – violation of rules of crossroads crossing, 3,1% (43) - drunk driving. 38,4% (525) of RTAs includes striking pedestrians, which resulted in death of 189  pedestrians and injury of 388 pedestrians. The cause of 68 RTAs was violation of RTR. 43 children and teenagers died, 126 people became injured in recorded RTAs in the Republic. Generally, 430 out of 556 people died in RTAs was men, 126- women, and 1099 out of 1452 injured people was men, 353 – women.
Referring to goals under the Decree dated 1994 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic “On actions for strengthening crime combat and improving legality and legal rules”, STP employees found 3 rifles (1smoothbore, 2 TOZ-8), 3 pistols (2 smoothbore and 1 gas pistol), 5 automatic rifles, 4 “F1” hand grenades, 2 magazines of automatic rifles, 890 rounds different calibre and were handed over to the investigating authorities.
Over 14 kg drugs (12 kg 583 gr marijuana, 7 kg  5 gr heroin, 2 kg 355 gr opium, 2 kg 35 gr tar, 48 gr metadon, 0, 314 metanphetamin) were found on 28 facts along with other services of police during half-year.
During I quarter of 2013 MSTPD received report on hijacking 138 vehicles and 103 of them were found. 11 persons and 36 cars wanted with database during the registration process of automobiles in the registration exam offices of MSTPD, also 158 facts on unconformity of aggregate number to registration documents and 16 facts on forged documents were determined and the materials were presented to the investigative authorities for investigation.

MIA MSTP Department, referring to board decisions of Azerbaijan Republic MIA, orders and instructions, continues its activities for ensuring traffic safety and maintaining public order.

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