State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

On 01 September 2013, fatal traffic accidents happened in the territory of Kurdamir region resulted in 2 persons and injury of 1 person, and in the territory of Sumgayit city resulted in death of 2 persons and injury of 8 persons

01 “September” 2013-rd

Automobile of   “Vaz-21043” make with 10-UZ-683 registration plate driven by Musayev Telman Boyukkishi born in 1970 a resident of Zardab region lost its direction and overturned in the water canal while moving within the territory of Sovla village of Kurdamir-Zardab highway at about 07:00 on 01 September 2013 .
The accident resulted in death of the driver and his countrymen Huseynova Aysha Nazim born in 1990 died at the place of accident and Musayeva Vusala Farrukh born in 1977 got injured and taken to the Central Hospital of Kurdamir region
The other traffic accident was noted on 45th km of Baku-Guba-Daghistan border highway passing through H.Z. Taghiyev settlement at about 15:00.  Automobile of “Vaz-21043” make with 10-VA-834 registration plate driven by Khalfayev Soltan Mahabbat born in 1977 – a resident of Siyazan region collided with the automobile of “Mercedes Benz C-230” make with 15-VM-048 registration plate driven by Alikhanov Ibrahim Shamil born in 1980 – a resident of Baku city.
The accident resulted in death of passengers in the automobile of  “Vaz-21043” Khalfayev Mahabbat Abdul born in 1951 and Khalfayev Nihad Soltan born in 2009 at the place of accident, and the other passengers the residents of Baku city Khalfayeva Zarina Nabi born in 1987 and Khalfayev Shola Sevgi born in 1956, Khalfayeva Asmar Soltan born in 2001, as well as the passengers in the automobile of “Mersedes Benz C-230” the residents of Khirdalan city Muradova Aynur Arshad born in 1980, Muradov Mirza Oruj born in 2000, Safarova Shargiya Huseynkhan born in 1950 and both of the drivers got injured and taken to Sumgait First Aid Hospital
The facts are being investigated.

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