State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Fatal traffic accidents happened in the territory of Gobustan resulted in death of 2 persons, injury of 1 person and death of 2 persons, injury of 5 persons in the territory of Kurdamir on 06 October, 2013.

06 “October” 2013-rd

Automobile of “Vaz-2107”” make with 10-FR-782 registration plate driven by Samadov Ramiz Aladdin born in 1965 - a resident of Baku collided with automobile of “Ford Transit” make with 208513JI registration plate driven by Guliyev Ilgar Ozbak born in 1965 on the 63rd km of Baku-Shamakhı-Yevlakh highway passing through Gobustan territory at about 12:40 o’clock on 06 October, 2013.

The accident resulted in death of the driver of automobile of “Vaz-2107” make at the place of accident and the passenger in the automobile- Samadova Hamida Omar born in 1938 and the driver of automobile of “Ford Transit” make were taken to hospital with injury but H.Samadova

died in the hospital. Another traffic accident was recorded at about 22:00 o'clock on the same day on the Baku-Kazakh- Georgian highway passing through the territory of Kurdamir. Truck of “Kamaz-53212” make with 33-BA-437 registration plate driven by Farzaliyev Gulagha Aliagha born in 1957 – a resident of Kurdamir collided with automobile of “Vaz-2106” make with 10-BK-262 registration plate driven by Umudov Elshad Muslum born in 1980.

The accident resulted in death of passengers in the automobile of “Vaz-2106” make Zeynalov Zulfugar Islam born in 1969 and , Umudova Zeyla Aghasalı born in 1940, the driver and other passengers of that automobile, Huseynov Sayyad Babajan born in 1972, Umudov Sahil Sayyad born in 2005, Umudov Muslum Elshad born in 2008 and Umudov Shakir Elshad born in 2009 were taken to the hospital with injury.

The facts are being investigated.
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